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  • v4.30
    Released first version of "DigitaltMuseum+" including new header and collaborative folders. Users may now activate DigitaltMuseum+ in order to access advanced features and collaborate on collecting objects to folders

  • v4.29
    Use EMS for article images and request size based on ration

  • v4.28
    Bugfixes: UUID for related objects and remove temporary users concept

  • v4.27
    Added link to article on object page where object og image from object has been used in an article
    Added Virtual Experinces content block to article editor
    Added School block to article editor

    Added new features to scrolly tell articles: table of contents, possibility to lock a section, new buttons for linking to external urls or building content in "tool tips" and animated travels in maps.
    Added "Quiz" as a new virtual experience. Please refer to the following example for the new features: https://digitaltmuseum.no/virtual-experiences/8093828e-f3c0-4c75-9d32-a82e60d98b43

  • v4.25.18
    DM admin: Fixed links to virtual experiences
    DM admin: Added statistics for audio, video and virtual experiences
    DM admin: Fixed bug causing metadata to disappear from media files

  • v4.25.15
    DM admin: Fixed links to virtual experiences
    DM admin: Added statistics for audio, video and virtual experiences
    DM admin: Fixed bug causing metadata to disappear from media files

  • v4.25.15
    Fixed advanced search and link to classification

  • v4.25.7
    Increased number of characters in photo byline in articles
    Fixed wrong links in UUID searches
    Fixed bug returning irrelevant museums in museum name searches

  • v4.25
    Released a new application for museums to publish school articles and apply metadata such as subject, grade and curriculum
    Released a new object type "school" in DigitaltMuseum which makes it possible for museums to publish their school articles to DigitaltMuseum
    Released a new search page for teachers to search and explore the school articles

  • v4.24.14
    Fixed bug causing timeline to fail
    Several bugfixes related to new museum pages
    Bugfixes related to statistics 24.01.2024

  • v4.24.13
    Added support to show museum pages without coordinates/map 17.10.2023

  • v4.24.6
    Bugfixes 09.10.2024

  • v4.24.5
    Added pagination to article list in DM admin 24.09.2023

  • v4.24.2
    Fixed error deleting museums from favourites list
    Credit/byline for photographer only to be shown when producer is active 29.08.2023

  • v4.24.0
    Added support for multiple collections to museums

  • v4.23.1
    Links to external websites now open in new tab
    Changes to collection pages in preparations to support multiple collections

  • v4.23.0
    Released new version of profile page including tabs for newsfeed, favourite searches and museums and folders

  • v4.22.3
    Bugfixing - usage of % in searches fixed
    Added feature for saving searches to your profile

  • v4.17.9
    Separated museums and collections. Each museum has their own page in addition to a page dedicated to their collection
    New design on museum pages
    New design on collection pages
    Created a new page for searching, browsing and filtering all museums in a list and map
    Created a new page for searching all collections in DigitaltMuseum

  • v4.17.8
    Changes to description field on objects
    Hide download link to audio files depending on license
    Show owner/museum on object cards

  • v4.17
    Added virtual exhibitions as object type to DigitaltMuseum. Museums may now publish interactive articles, 3D exhibitions and virtual 360 tours.

  • v4.14
    Added support for new publishable fields from Primus. Also support for translations.

  • v4.13
    Implemented CSRF protection

  • v4.12.17
    Printer friendly styleheets
    New article header. Added function to define color on article headers and cards
    Improved view for related objects 25.05.2022

  • v4.12.1
    Content blocks included in the DigitaltMuseum API
    Added support for audio and video in articles
    Added media gallery to DM admin, including support for uploading and organizing audio, video, documents and images
    Archaeology - fetch investigations from archaeology server, added investigation as new object type and page, connecting objects to investigation
    Added export feature for images from folders to Wikimedia to DM admin
    Added support for Nynorsk to the DM search widget

  • v4.10.9
    Fixed Sketchfab issue

  • v4.10.8
    Changes in search for Wikipedia articles in objects
    Added feature for museums to remove irrelevant Wikipedia links in objects

  • v4.10.0

  • v4.9.0
    Changes to support WCAG 2.1 requirements

  • v4.8.2

  • v4.5.0

  • v4.5.0
    New Single Sign in (login)
    New features in article editor:
    Field for photo licensing
    Field for byline on an articles main image
    Allow unlimited length on photo texts
    Button for discarding changes in articles
    Support for markdown in the lead/introduction
    WYSIWIG editor for generating markdown tags

  • v4.4.9
    Bugfixes objects

  • v4.4.8
    Fixed broken download links

  • New Article Editor
    Released new article editor integrated in DM Admin app in eKultur portal (portal.ekultur.org). The editor will be enabled for each museum on demand. Please contact KulturIT support. This version of the editor includes the following new features:
    Search field in article lists
    Paging between article lists
    Tags (topics) may be added to articles
    New range of filters available to apply to photos
    Alert user when navigating away from (unsaved) articles
    User may now select and use all photos in an object in articles

  • v4.4.0
    Fixed selector explosions

  • v4.3.0
    DigitaltMuseum and all images now has support for IIIF. A IIIF viewer has been implemented and can be accessed in folders and exhibitions by selecting the "Gallery" view
    New features on the museums page/overview including search limited to museums (owners) and all museums shown on the map
    Display object type on object pages
    Removed image placeholder on objects that do not have images
    Minor adjustments to inquires information

  • v4.2.21
    Added links for advanced search and object types to navigation
    Fixed search sorting on ID and published interval combined with owner
    Show multiple links to multiple KulturNavn objects (names)

  • v4.2.20
    Bugfix for limited file size uploads in DigitaltMuseum article editor
    KulturNav show value for occupation field

  • v4.2.19
    Bugfixes related to operators (AND, OR and NOT) in search. Please refer to https://dok.digitaltmuseum.org/soketips for documentation

  • v4.2.18
    Added templates for individual object types pages. Please visit https://digitaltmuseum.no/photograph for an example (currently only available if language is set to Norwegian)

  • v4.2.17
    Improved search context bar. When entering an object page from a search result, the browsable context bar (next/previous object) should be more stable
    Bugfix related to ID search
    New GDPR/privacy policy, also translated to English and Swedish

  • v4.2.16
    Added background image to related KulturNav cards

  • v4.2.15
    Improved presentation (images and metadata) when sharing links to search results in social media
    Added collection feature to folders, articles and exhibitions. You may no collect these object types in folders.

  • v4.2.14
    Image Recognition POC

  • v4.2.13
    Re-ordered itmes in licence groups
    Added motif types to object type "photograph"

  • v4.2.12
    Re-ordered items in licence filters for search results/advanced search
    Added field for EHF for invoice in image order forms
    Added feature for expanding/collapsing for groups; technique, colour, measurements and other information

  • v4.2.11
    Fixed search using commas. Please not that commas are used to separate search keywords. In order to include a comma in a search term, use quotes. For instance: "7,92 mm patron"
    Several changes to license searches: added CC0 to license filter and search, changed groups and orders of license filters and changed articulation

  • v4.2.10
    Fixed bug causing owners (museums) to be excluded as search cards in search results
    Fixed bug causing folders and exhibitions to show duplicated on owner pages

  • v4.2.9
    Bugfixes related to comments, saving owner pages and certain styling in the zoom view of media

  • v4.2.8
    Fixed bug causing objects with artifacts using wrong format on coordinates to not show
    Display comments on licences
    Added checkbox for accepting terms and conditions to order forms for photos
    Fixed feature to show all objects in a group, for instance https://digitaltmuseum.no/021027449052/serviettsamling
    Changed the label "Name" to "Designation" in object pages for several object types
    Faster search in queries starting with *
    Added producer to search cards (results) of object type "Thing"
    Bugfixes related to image orders and language issues in exhibitions
    Comments on licenses (BONO) may be configured for museums (owners) and switched on
    Improved relevancy in suggested Wikipedia articles on objects. Please refer to https://dok.digitaltmuseum.org/en/wikipedia-links for a description of how this works.

  • v4.2.7
    Changed the name of downloadable files to include the object ID as well as the description of the object it belongs to
    Altered the "producer" field in the advanced search
    Fixed translations for exhibition names

  • v4.2.6
    Added HD video support to all browsers. Video quality is now presented depending on bandwith
    Added new fields "technique" and "classfication" to search/advanced search
    Name (from name post) is now linked to a search on the name from the object

  • v4.2.5
    Several bugfixes: also show objects with missing municipality numbers
    add more information to "persons" from KulturNav
    add timeperiod to Exhibitions (KulturNav)
    fixed bugs in the harvest for Norvegiana
    added images to KulturNav objects in DM
    fixed line break in the "Building" field in Constructions causin it to display \n,
    fixed bug causing a changed header image in articles not to update
    Fixed producer without timespan
    Fixed bug in DiMu search widget

  • v4.2.4
    Fixed missing user folders
    Fixed bug causing some colour images to convert to grayscale

  • v4.2.3
    Front pages (.no/.se) are now editbale through the article editor

  • v4.2.2
    Improved and rearranged the content in the History section of objects
    Fixed the label of the suggested search context for folders and exhibiton when searching within these

  • v4.2.1
    Added overlay with link to survey on .no
    Prevent owner cards to appear in owner sections of the search

  • v4.1.2.2
    Show recent articles on the front page of DigitaltMuseum
    Several bugfixes including:
    Fixed missing licence and photo credits on certain objects
    Fixed faulty search on owner pages
    Fixed bug causing button for downloading photos to display incorrectly.
    Fixed bugs in the zoom view on photos
    Regenerated data i DM admin
    Fixed bugs related to articles on the map
    Merged DigitaltMuseum editor adding:
    Editing (greyscale and cropping) images inn all blocks
    Preview of unpublished articles/owner pages to logged in users in the portal
    Updated meta and photo for sharing articles in social media
    Set title and description of the article to the cover of the article automatically
    If a photo from an object published on DigitaltMuseum is used as a media file, link the photo to the corresponding object
    Feature to show unpublished collections to logged in (owner)users
    Automatically scroll to the corresponding block when the user clicks in the block's preview area
    Search, select and add all DM objects to an article
    Show article metadata at the bottom of the article
    Automatically fetch and insert title and photographer to media files from DM objects
    Insert photos from DM objects in the background cover
    Automatically unpublish deleted articles
    Several bugfixes

  • v4.2.0
    Released dashboard and edior for homepages and articles

  • v4.1.6
    Fixed context bar for Internet Explorer making it possible to browse to the next object from a search from an object page
    Added the context bar to exhibitions and folders making it possible to browse to the next object in the folder/exhibition from the object page
    Fixed download links on the zoomed version of photos

  • v4.1.5
    Disable map on object pages until user clicks link to show map

  • v4.1.3
    Prevent map load on pages without map data

  • v4.1.2.5
    Add owner/museum title to head on museum page
    Reorder content on Construction and NavalVessel templates

  • v4.1.2.4
    Fixed download link for images in Safari
    Fixed bug on "See more" button
    Show producer on search card

  • v4.1.2.3
    Added support for type:construction. Construction from KulturNav.
    Changes to KulturNav fields

  • v4.1.2
    Searching for naval vessels returns objects with provenance in the search result
    Permanent identifiers - URLs are persistent
    Users must now be registered and logged in, in order to leave tags on objects

  • v4.1.1.11
    Implemented satellite view on maps

  • v4.1.1.8
    Bugfixes on comments

  • v4.1.1.7

  • v4.1.1.6

  • v4.1.1.4

  • v4.1.1.3
    Caching and performance enhancement
    Bugfixes related for folders

  • v4.1.1.2
    Order photographer before reprophotographer regardless of Primus order

  • v4.1.1
    Front page load performance optimization
    Cache deficient folders/objects dataset
    Show published date/updated date as metadata on all object pages

  • v4.1.0.71
    Performance improvements

  • v4.1.0.62
    Added robot detection to download log

  • v4.1.0.5
    Added sort order to search result page

  • v4.1.0
    Major changes to search
    Moved search logic to backend
    Seamless transition between search/advanced search. Applied filters are kept when switching.
    New filters and facets: types, collections/museums, content type and license
    Added counter to drill down filters to indicate number of hits
    New "Images" view available
    Several bugfixes related to search

  • v4.0.52
    Moved parameters from URL to cookie on object pages
    Replaced Zepto with jQuery
    Multi language support in exhibitions, defined in Primus (try switching between Swedish and English languages on the following exhibtion)
    Fixed URL leading back to a search from the context bar

  • v4.0.51
    Show 3D content from Sketchfab linked from Primus in the media viewer on the object's page in DigitaltMuseum. More information here
    Implemented (Ajax) user feedback on inquiries and comments for improved user experience
    New tag administration - admin users now recieve e-mail notifications when new tags are added to objects. They can also delete tags on the object pages if logged in
    When recieving image order e-mails, the number of the ordered image(s) is included if the object consists of more than one image
    Changed title of audio/video in Related objects
    Added information about privacy policy and use of cookies
    Changed order of image Twitter uses for sharing. Now using main image
    Moved duplicated object identifier field
    New config set up

  • v4.0.50
    Display objectID below title on the object page
    Corrected dates displayed incorrect from KulturNav

  • v4.0.49
    Fixed problems with audio playback
    Corrected file extensions on downloadable files
    Fixed search results page on a certain owner
    Added a check on keywords to avoid spam
    New templates for organization and person KulturNav

  • v4.0.48
    New Facebook widget on the front page.
    Bugfixes including link to comments section on objects, captcha check on keywords and missing objects in certain folders

  • v4.0.47
    Display background image on KulturNav cards.
    Display error when trying to access a folder which is not published
    Enable captcha check on keywords
    Fixed bug on scrolling of the front page

  • v4.0.46
    Bugfix for KulturNav post without image
    Display ID on cards for posts without images
    General bugfixes
    Added support for limiting search to types. Please refer to Search help for details

  • v4.0.45
    Show photo for persons from KulturNav
    Show thumbnails of images from folders as mosaics on the folder cards
    A number of bugfixes

  • v4.0.44
    Removed captcha validation for logged in users
    Added favicon

  • v4.0.44
    Added image thumbnails to all folders from Primus
    Improved the zoom view for images: navigation buttons in IE
    New CC-icons
    New advanced search:
    New interface
    Improved support for switching between search and advanced search. Applied filters will now be kept when navigating between the two.
    Added support for using the search syntax in regular search. It is now possible to scope your search to certain filters using the syntax. For instance - to search for "smycken" only within Nordiska Museet's collections, use smycken owner:S-NM or to search for troll with a cc-by-sa license, use troll license:by-sa. For more examples of use, refer to Search help

  • v4.0.43
    Fixed objects with no title failing to show
    Improved sharing of folders and exhibitions in social media (images)
    Improved performance/security

  • v4.0.42
    Advanced search using the "topic" field does not distinguish between the use of capitalisation or lower case letters
    Fixed bug causing audio and video files to sort in the wrong order when searching for audio/video
    Fixed some visual bugs related to adding objects in folders and order basket as well as the preamble in exhibitions.

  • v4.0.41
    Removed comments section and links to comments section in KulturNav posts
    Combined licences in categories in advanced search and changed selection to drop-down list
    Changed owner selection in advanced search from input field to drop-down list
    A number og bugfixes

  • v4.0.40.1
    Removed default quotation marks to searches. In order to perform an exact match search (using phrases), the user now has to use quotation marks delibarately as opposed to previously being applied to all searches by default
    Removed "text:" which previously was applied in front of all text searches
    Enabled searching/search suggestions within folders and exhibitions

  • v4.0.40
    Combined Identifier, DiMu-code and UUID into a single field in the search named "ID". This field will now accept all the previous mentioned IDs.
    Expanded to a broader search in the "Title"-field
    Expanded to a broader search in the "Time"-field
    Added the title of the context of which a search has been performed to the search results page. For instance "Folder Name: number of results"
    Added links to related objects to certain objects
    Added comments to the style-field for "things"
    Removed the title of a folder/exhibition to the "Images" view

  • v4.0.39
    New design to comments and form inquiries
    Added shortcuts to comments section on object pages
    Implemented invisible reCAPTCHA to forms/comments
    Added random deficient folders (and objects) to the front page
    Implemented print stylesheet

  • v4.0.38
    Increased the level of color contrast to the collage on the frontpage
    Bug fixes to folders

  • v4.0.37
    Added number of objects in folder displayed on each folder card
    Added number of objects in exhibition displayed to each exhibition card
    Added photo to represent objects in a folder on the folder cards
    Bug fixes related to timeline view
    Fixed bug to keep correct context in timeline view of a search
    Improved presentation of "inscription" field on objects

  • v4.0.36
    Major design changes to folders:
    The changes include stronger distinctions between private, shared as well as folders published by museums. This also indicates that folders must be set to shared mode in order to be viewabale by others. The release also includes design changes to folders in collection mode.
    Bug fixes related to folders

  • v4.0.35
    Fixed errors in certain links from KulturNav objects
    Fixed error causing Facebook to display image from wrong object when shared
    Bugfix on comments in the statistics (.se/.no)

  • v4.0.34
    Display list of latest commented objects on the front page
    Reversed default exposed advanced search fields

  • v4.0.33
    Show related objects in KulturNav objects
    Fixed a bug in the media viewer causing the zoom level to reset when changing focus point at a zoomed state
    A minor fix for the lead text and description text of exhibitions
    Other minor fixes

  • v4.0.32
    Richer KulturNav objects
    Added information about licence to NavalVessel
    Removed order and comment options for KulturNav objects
    Removed contact option in KulturNav objects with no licence information
    Added links to copyright information (.se)

  • v4.0.31
    Added two new selectable views to objects in folders and exhibitions (grid view and image view)
    Changed the default view of folders and exhibitions to the standard grid view
    Changed load more objects in folders and exhibitions from pagination to lazy loading
    Added show objects within a folder in the search view
    Fixed a bug causing the post KW Gullers from KulturNav not to show
    Show advanced search open as default unless text, place, topic or time is used in the search. This makes it possible to search within a folder.
    Added expand/collapse text to the excerpt of an exhibition
    General bugfixes related to folders

  • v4.0.30
    Added support for asterisk (*) and question mark (?) as wildcards in search. Use ? to replace any single character with a wildcard, use ?? to replace two characters as wildcards, use ??? to replace three characters etc. Using * will replace an unspecified number of characters.
    Fixed bugs causing the places filter to not show objects in Northern Norway.
    Fixed a bug causing "landskap" and "sockn" to display incorrectly
    Fixed adding keywords to objects

  • v4.0.29
    Added navigation arrows to the media viewer when browsing to the next object
    Added support for browsing to objects not containing media files

  • v4.0.28
    Fixed an issue causing applied licences in the advanced search to be unremoveable
    Advanced search now only returns relevant results for the applied CC-licence(s)
    Fixed an issue causing several bugs in Safari/Android browser

  • v4.0.27
    Added an error message to pages that do not exist or cannot be found. The error page now also displays a list of the latest objects in DigitaltMuseum
    Fixed a bug causing the main photo on the museum pages to displace in IE

  • v4.0.26
    Added feature to browse to the next object in the media viewer accessing an object in a context, for instance from a search
    Fixed a bug causing the number of objects displayed in a suggested search term in the museum pages to not represent the actual amount of objects
    Increased the level of contrast and colors on the photo collage on the front page
    Updated the general meta content/text for representation in Facebook and search engines
    Changed the size of the "News" elements on the front page to the same size as on the museum pages

  • v4.0.25
    Fixed a bug causing the search to automatically convert to a quote search (exact match) by using phrases of two or more words.
    Fixed a bug causing the quote search (exact match) to break when using certain special characters
    Fixed bug causing wrong focus when adding objects to a folder

  • v4.0.24
    The message field to the museum in the order form is now set to required
    Fixed title for photos. Now fetches from correct field
    Stories can now be added to folders
    Fixed formatting errors in presentation of stories in folders
    Implemented user feedback and verification in the comments fields
    Verification of Recaptcha
    Fixed the search syntax for stories from DigitaltFortalt
    The search is now set to prioritise within an owner/collection when searching from a museum page
    Fixed search within certain contexts
    Fixed the presentation of objects with several related objects
    Removed entries for KulturNav and DigitaltFortalt in the museum overview
    Reset numeral when changing context after performing a search

  • v4.0.23
    When navigating back to a search result context from an object, the correct place in the list is kept
    Related objects with a UUID using both lowercase and uppercase letters now get displayed
    Fixed bug causing related objects to not show
    Fixed certain HTML-tags
    Fixed a bug related to hyphen polyfill in order to improve the use and diplay of line breaks
    Fixed flexbox in older versions of Safari

  • v4.0.22
    Several bugfixes related to Safari and IE

  • v4.0.21
    Fixed a bug when performing a search action too fast, the last part of the search tended to get excluded
    Added colors to museum objects on museum list page
    Hyphenation polyfill adding dash in line breaks

  • v4.0.20
    Added delete feature to folders as well as objects in folders. This feature also includes a number of bugfixes.
    Fixed link to show more objects in photo series
    Implemented related objects for certain objects where missing
    Added a mosaic of photos from random objects to the front page
    Removed decimals for numbers where unnecessary (.0)
    Added support for hyphenation in line breaks
    Fixed a bug in browsing objects in folders containing 20+ objects
    Changed the size of objects in News section on museum pages
    Changed the order of certain elements on museum pages

  • v4.0.19
    Added featured image to exhibitions
    Added list of latest objects to the owner pages
    Minor bugfixes

  • v4.0.18
    Optimised the grid for search, relations, front page and owner pages
    Implemented the visual logic of the order process to the add objects to folder process
    Changed the order of the social media icons in the sharing option
    Added comments icon to objects with comments
    A number of general design improvements

  • v4.0.17
    Minor bugfixes including:
    Removed recurring colons in various art object fields
    Added the field "Trademarks" to the object page
    Added support for line break/paragraphing in motif description from Primus
    Added line breaks/paragraphing to the expanded view of the biography/history of a person

  • v4.0.16
    Added lead/introduction to stories from "DigitaltFortalt"
    Display several owners on objects
    Removed the order options at the bottom of each object

  • v4.0.15
    New map design
    Bugfix related to searching museum names. The search now returns results in all museums

  • v4.0.14.2

  • v4.0.14
    Register correct IP address for comments, downloads and object hit

  • v4.0.13
    New media player skin.
    Removed download button from media player
    Easier access to media downloads from object page
    Published the field "Style" for objects
    Fixed certain objects from H-DF
    New favicon

  • v4.0.12.1
    Added reCAPTCHA to comments form

  • v4.0.12
    Improved social sharing
    Added links to contact the museums from the museum page
    Added a new "hotlinks" menu to the header
    Added search links to the main menu
    Added list of latest objects to the front page
    Fixed link to expand information about persons

  • v4.0.11
    Fixes related to publishing and browsing lists

  • v4.0.10
    Redesigned order process
    Access to profile page and order basket from header
    Latest published objects links available from footer
    General design improvements and bugfixes

  • v4.0.9
    Added link to end order process.
    Minor bugfixes related to IE11 and layout.

  • v4.0.8
    Minor bugfixes.

  • v4.0.7
    Bugfix related to search and mapviews in IE 11.
    Added field in advanced search for downloadable photos.
    Pagination in folders containing more than 20 posts.

  • v4.0.6
    Minor bugfixes.

  • v4.0.5
    Minor bugfixes and translations.

  • v4.0.4
    General design improvements​. Added shortcuts for folders and exhibitions in the footer. 

  • v4.0.3
    Folder accessibility. Added feature to remove image from order.​

  • v4.0.2
    Added order features.​

  • v4.0.1
    Timeline for name posts.

  • v4.0.0
    Released new version of DigitaltMuseum​.

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