• v4.0.30
    Added support for asterisk (*) and question mark (?) as wildcards in search. Use ? to replace any single character with a wildcard, use ?? to replace two characters as wildcards, use ??? to replace three characters etc. Using * will replace an unspecified number of characters.
    Fixed bugs causing the places filter to not show objects in Northern Norway.
    Fixed a bug causing "landskap" and "sockn" to display incorrectly
    Fixed adding keywords to objects

  • v4.0.29
    Added navigation arrows to the media viewer when browsing to the next object
    Added support for browsing to objects not containing media files

  • v4.0.28
    Fixed an issue causing applied licences in the advanced search to be unremoveable
    Advanced search now only returns relevant results for the applied CC-licence(s)
    Fixed an issue causing several bugs in Safari/Android browser

  • v4.0.27
    Added an error message to pages that do not exist or cannot be found. The error page now also displays a list of the latest objects in DigitaltMuseum
    Fixed a bug causing the main photo on the museum pages to displace in IE

  • v4.0.26
    Added feature to browse to the next object in the media viewer accessing an object in a context, for instance from a search
    Fixed a bug causing the number of objects displayed in a suggested search term in the museum pages to not represent the actual amount of objects
    Increased the level of contrast and colors on the photo collage on the front page
    Updated the general meta content/text for representation in Facebook and search engines
    Changed the size of the "News" elements on the front page to the same size as on the museum pages

  • v4.0.25
    Fixed a bug causing the search to automatically convert to a quote search (exact match) by using phrases of two or more words.
    Fixed a bug causing the quote search (exact match) to break when using certain special characters
    Fixed bug causing wrong focus when adding objects to a folder

  • v4.0.24
    The message field to the museum in the order form is now set to required
    Fixed title for photos. Now fetches from correct field
    Stories can now be added to folders
    Fixed formatting errors in presentation of stories in folders
    Implemented user feedback and verification in the comments fields
    Verification of Recaptcha
    Fixed the search syntax for stories from DigitaltFortalt
    The search is now set to prioritise within an owner/collection when searching from a museum page
    Fixed search within certain contexts
    Fixed the presentation of objects with several related objects
    Removed entries for KulturNav and DigitaltFortalt in the museum overview
    Reset numeral when changing context after performing a search

  • v4.0.23
    When navigating back to a search result context from an object, the correct place in the list is kept
    Related objects with a UUID using both lowercase and uppercase letters now get displayed
    Fixed bug causing related objects to not show
    Fixed certain HTML-tags
    Fixed a bug related to hyphen polyfill in order to improve the use and diplay of line breaks
    Fixed flexbox in older versions of Safari

  • v4.0.22
    Several bugfixes related to Safari and IE

  • v4.0.21
    Fixed a bug when performing a search action too fast, the last part of the search tended to get excluded
    Added colors to museum objects on museum list page
    Hyphenation polyfill adding dash in line breaks

  • v4.0.20
    Added delete feature to folders as well as objects in folders. This feature also includes a number of bugfixes.
    Fixed link to show more objects in photo series
    Implemented related objects for certain objects where missing
    Added a mosaic of photos from random objects to the front page
    Removed decimals for numbers where unnecessary (.0)
    Added support for hyphenation in line breaks
    Fixed a bug in browsing objects in folders containing 20+ objects
    Changed the size of objects in News section on museum pages
    Changed the order of certain elements on museum pages

  • v4.0.19
    Added featured image to exhibitions
    Added list of latest objects to the owner pages
    Minor bugfixes

  • v4.0.18
    Optimised the grid for search, relations, front page and owner pages
    Implemented the visual logic of the order process to the add objects to folder process
    Changed the order of the social media icons in the sharing option
    Added comments icon to objects with comments
    A number of general design improvements

  • v4.0.17
    Minor bugfixes including:
    Removed recurring colons in various art object fields
    Added the field "Trademarks" to the object page
    Added support for line break/paragraphing in motif description from Primus
    Added line breaks/paragraphing to the expanded view of the biography/history of a person

  • v4.0.16
    Added lead/introduction to stories from "DigitaltFortalt"
    Display several owners on objects
    Removed the order options at the bottom of each object

  • v4.0.15
    New map design
    Bugfix related to searching museum names. The search now returns results in all museums

  • v4.0.14.2

  • v4.0.14
    Register correct IP address for comments, downloads and object hit

  • v4.0.13
    New media player skin.
    Removed download button from media player
    Easier access to media downloads from object page
    Published the field "Style" for objects
    Fixed certain objects from H-DF
    New favicon

  • v4.0.12.1
    Added reCAPTCHA to comments form

  • v4.0.12
    Improved social sharing
    Added links to contact the museums from the museum page
    Added a new "hotlinks" menu to the header
    Added search links to the main menu
    Added list of latest objects to the front page
    Fixed link to expand information about persons

  • v4.0.11
    Fixes related to publishing and browsing lists

  • v4.0.10
    Redesigned order process
    Access to profile page and order basket from header
    Latest published objects links available from footer
    General design improvements and bugfixes

  • v4.0.9
    Added link to end order process.
    Minor bugfixes related to IE11 and layout.

  • v4.0.8
    Minor bugfixes.

  • v4.0.7
    Bugfix related to search and mapviews in IE 11.
    Added field in advanced search for downloadable photos.
    Pagination in folders containing more than 20 posts.

  • v4.0.6
    Minor bugfixes.

  • v4.0.5
    Minor bugfixes and translations.

  • v4.0.4
    General design improvements​. Added shortcuts for folders and exhibitions in the footer. 

  • v4.0.3
    Folder accessibility. Added feature to remove image from order.​

  • v4.0.2
    Added order features.​

  • v4.0.1
    Timeline for name posts.

  • v4.0.0
    Released new version of DigitaltMuseum​.