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3D content from Sketchfab in DigitaltMuseum

Version DM4.0.51 makes it possible to display 3D content from Sketchfab linked to an object in Primus on the object page in DigitaltMuseum.

How it works

Sketchfab is a platfrom for publishing and sharing 3D content. In order to display content from Sketchfab in DigitaltMuseum, you must do the following:

1. Create a Sketchfab account. Sketchfab offers free business accounts to cultural institutions: https://sketchfab.com/museums

2. You need a processed 3D model as a file which must be uploaded to your Sketchfab account. 

3. Connect your Sketchfab content to your Primus object by pasting in the URL from the object in Sketchfab in "Digitalt objekt" (Reference). 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use a link consisting only of the Sketchfab URL and ID, for instance: https://sketchfab.com/models/e9ad1534e0334a13a1a90ba6feb7bfc6

DigitaltMuseum will pick up the reference and place the model in the media viewer on the object page making it possible for the user to interact with the model. 

Sample data: https://digitaltmuseum.org/021026544809/mekaniskt-alfabet-modell

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