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Links to Wikipedia Articles from DigitaltMuseum objects

For every object in DigitaltMuseum, a search is performed in order to attempt to display links to Wikipedia articles relevant to the content in the object.


In order for one or more links to Wikipedia articles to be displayed, the Wikipedia article's title must match words in certain field(s) in objects types:

Thing and Building:
- Producer
- Title
- Indexing Terms (emneord)

Fineart, Art Design and Architecture:
- Producer
- Title

- Producer
- Title
- Depicted Persons

Exclusion List

In order to exclude certain links to (irrelevant) Wikipedia articles, we have added a blacklisting feature. Examples of exclusions are articles with the URL structure:
- Mal: 
- Kategori:
- Wikipedia:Torget
- Wikipedia:Bybrunnen

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