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Search help DigitaltMuseum

It is easy to search within DigitaltMuseum!

In the same way as you would perform a search using Google, simply type one or more search words in the search field and either click ‘Search’ or press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard. A search word must contain at least 3 characters. When you enter a search word, the number of results matching the word(s) you have typed is displayed beneath the search field; you then have the opportunity to continue your search for this word within either one museum or the whole of DigitaltMuseum. You can also perform a blank search by leaving the search field empty and clicking on ‘Search’ or pressing ‘Enter’.

You also have the option to perform an advanced search by entering different search words for different database fields. More information about this is contained below, under the heading ‘Advanced search’.

Choose your search word

Choosing a good search word is the key to finding the information you are looking for. Start with the most obvious word and increase the precision of your search by using more than one word. If you enter several words separated with spaces, your search will only return matches for objects that contain all of those words.
When searching, DigitaltMuseum does not distinguish between the use of upper and lower-case letters. When you find an object that interests you, you can find similar objects by using the underlined words or terms contained in the object’s information. Click on the underlined subject word, name or classification and you will receive new search results featuring objects from within this category. In this way, you can easily search around to find other objects that are similar to the one you originally found.

Refine the search results

A standard search within DigitaltMuseum scans all the objects from all the institutions. If, however, you then click on one (or more) of the ‘Topic’, ‘Place’ or ‘Time’ buttons that appear beneath the search field, you can choose to refine the search results in various ways. If you click on any of these buttons, possible filtering suggestions for your search results are displayed. When you make a selection, the search is updated using the selected filter. To return to the search results, either click on ‘Close’ in the top right-hand corner or click anywhere on the black background.
If you perform a search from a presentation page of one of the museums/institutions, your new search will automatically be restricted to this museum’s collections. From here, however, you are always able to choose to widen your search to include the entire DigitaltMuseum.

By enclosing your search words in "quotation marks", only those objects that include the exact words – in the exact order you have written them – will be returned. Searching for "Happy Christmas" will only return objects that feature both words together (Happy Christmas), but not any objects that only contain the word "Happy" or the word "Christmas".

In the left-hand field, you can select the category to be searched. The field in the middle allows you to select the search operation. In the right-hand field, you can enter the search word/value.

Advanced search – search field

In the left-hand field, you can choose from the following:
Text – freetext that searches through all fields
Owner – the museum’s ID, displayed on the the museum’s presentation page at DigitaltMuseum
Objid – object ID
Dmid – Dimu code
Descname – searches the Name, Alternative name and Precise name
License – here you can choose CC-licenses or Public Domain (extinct copyright)
Time – enter From year and To year
Name (UUID for a person)
Exhibition (UUID)

It is also possible to search for objects that have, or do not have, any of the following:

Advanced search – search operations

In the field in the middle, you select how the search words you enter into the right-hand fields will be analysed:
IncludeAll – search words are joined by AND
IncludeAny – search words are joined by OR
ExcludeAll – an object is NOT shown if it contains all of the search words
ExcludeAny – an object is NOT shown if it contains any of the search words

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